Oxidizers Inc. Your Expert Partner in Industrial Air Quality Solutions

Oxidizers Inc. Your Expert Partner in Industrial Air Quality Solutions

For decades, Oxidizers Inc. has been an industry leader, specializing in air quality solutions through expert design, installation, and maintenance. Our experienced team has delivered countless turnkey oxidizer projects, providing swift and cost-effective solutions for maintenance, upgrades, relocations, and new systems. Choose Oxidizers Inc. for excellence in industrial air quality solutions.

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Oxidizer & Baghouse Repairs, Parts And Service

Oxidizer & Baghouse Repairs, Parts And Service

Enhance your Oxidizer and Baghouse systems with Oxidizers Inc. We provide cost-effective solutions, including ceramic media, baghouse bags, and comprehensive replacement parts, ensuring efficient and enduring performance.

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Clean Air Solutions: New and Refurbished Products

Our innovative offerings, from cutting-edge systems to refurbished classics, redefine eco-conscious excellence. Elevate emissions control with Thermal Oxidizers, harness energy efficiency with Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers, and set new standards with Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs). Transform emissions into clean air with Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizers (RCOs), and ensure efficient pollutant neutralization with Concentrator Systems. Join us on the journey to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

New Clean Air Solutions

Explore clean air solutions at Oxidizers Inc. Our innovative products ensure a cleaner, sustainable future.

Used/Refurbished Clean Air Solutions

Discover refurbished classics at Oxidizers Inc. Our eco-conscious solutions offer efficient emissions control.
System Upgrades & Relocations

System Upgrades & Relocations

Unlock efficiency through strategic equipment upgrades and relocations.

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Ensure Industrial Equipment Reliability with Preventative Maintenance.

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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Custom Solutions, Precision Craftsmanship: Sheet Metal Excellence

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Precision Burner Tuning & Upgrades: Elevate Efficiency, Minimize Costs

Unlock peak efficiency and safety with Oxidizers Inc.’s Precision Burner Tuning & Upgrades. Our expertise optimizes fuel combustion, aligns with NFPA standards, and ensures year-round safety checks. Elevate your combustion system today.