Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Precision Craftsmanship in Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Unleashing Customization: The Oxidizers Inc. Way

Welcome to the realm where creativity and precision intersect, forging a path to customized excellence. At Oxidizers Inc., sheet metal fabrication transcends the ordinary, becoming a symphony of innovation and craftsmanship. Regardless of your location, whether you’re in New York or California, we stand ready to transform your visions into reality, crafting solutions that redefine the parameters of quality.

Geographic Reach, Uncompromising Quality: Our reach extends from NY to CA, connecting you to the pinnacle of sheet metal craftsmanship. With Oxidizers Inc., distance isn’t a barrier—it’s an opportunity to experience excellence firsthand.

Ductwork Expertise: Ductwork isn’t just about functionality; it’s about seamless integration into your operations. Oxidizers Inc. is your partner in crafting ductwork solutions that align with your unique needs, including industrial diverter, isolation, and face/bypass dampers.

Stacks of sheets metal
Welding sheet metal duct work

Materials that Shape Your Vision

Versatile Fabrication: Galvanized, aluminized, carbon steel, or stainless steel—our expertise spans a spectrum of materials. We don’t just work with metals; we work with possibilities.

Customization Defined: Whether it’s ductwork that blends seamlessly into your processes or replacement oxidizer chambers that redefine efficiency, Oxidizers Inc. approaches custom fabrication with innovation as its cornerstone.

The Oxidizers Inc. Pledge

Discover the power of customized excellence.


Expertise in Every Inch

Our craftsmen aren’t just welders; they’re architects of your operational success. Every cut, every bend, and every weld is executed with a meticulous eye for detail.


From Concept to Reality

We don’t just execute; we collaborate. Your visions become blueprints that we translate into functional, exceptional solutions.


Full-Service Fabrication

From ductwork to replacement oxidizer chambers and support steel, Oxidizers Inc. presents a full-service fabrication solution that meets your comprehensive needs.

Experience Customization Redefined

At Oxidizers Inc., custom sheet metal fabrication is an art form that fuses creativity with precision. Our commitment to quality resonates in every piece we craft, every solution we tailor.