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The Power of OEM Damper Fabrication & Supply

Unleashing Customization: The Oxidizers Inc. Way

At Oxidizers Inc., OEM damper supply isn’t just a service—it’s a promise of excellence. With a focus that transcends the ordinary, we deliver tailored solutions that redefine how dampers impact efficiency and precision.

Diverter, Isolation, Face/Bypass: Dampers are the unsung heroes of process control. Oxidizers Inc. steps into the spotlight, supplying and installing industrial diverter, isolation, and face/bypass dampers. Your operations aren’t just controlled; they’re optimized.

Diverse Designs: Our expertise extends to a range of damper designs. Whether it’s poppet, butterfly, or guillotine, Oxidizers Inc. brings a versatile portfolio that caters to your operational needs.

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The Oxidizers Inc. Pledge

Precision in Every Detail


Seal Perfection

Metal-to-metal, knife edge, or tadpole seals—our designs adhere to exacting standards. We understand that every seal is more than a barrier; it’s a guarantee of operational integrity.


Exact Replacements

Need a replacement that fits seamlessly into your existing setup? Oxidizers Inc. specializes in crafting exact matches, ensuring your fit-up is effortless.


Holistic Solutions

OEM damper supply isn’t just about dampers; it’s about systems. Our solutions encompass everything from face-to-face matching to actuators, ensuring a holistic fit.


Precision Tailoring

Every damper supply is a testament to precision. We tailor solutions that align with your specific requirements, elevating your operational efficiency.

Experience the Precision of OEM Dampers

At Oxidizers Inc., OEM damper fabrication and supply isn’t just a transaction—it’s a transformation. Our commitment to excellence resonates in every design, every fit, and every enhancement.