Updated Commitment to Promoting and Sustaining Healthy Interactions with our Oxidizers, Inc. Customers


As we all continue to understand not only the impact of COVID-19 with regard to its effect on everyday work behaviors, we also continue to be mindful of our individual responsibilities to limit the spread of the coronavirus. As a nationally-recognized provider of critical maintenance services, we take very seriously the safety of our employees and all people we live, work, and interact with daily.

In March 2020, Oxidizers, Inc. published the changes to our policies and procedures with specific regard to working within our client’s facilities during maintenance events. As we conduct business, those changes include but are not limited to:

• Refraining from hand-shakes when greeting customers, instead they nod;

• Limiting entry into any facility structures (offices, restrooms, control rooms, scale houses, etc.). Signing in and out of facilities remains necessary, and we rely on the guidance provided by our clients to utilize more remote alternatives such as texting or cell phone notifications of arrivals and departures;

• All field technical staff wear required personal protective equipment (PPE), including the utilization of duplicate layers of gloves (nitrile and standard work). In addition, the nitrile gloves are never removed while onsite;

• Since all Oxidizers, Inc. employees work remotely (at-home), ownership has suspended domestic business travel for all non-field technical staff until further notice;

• Although onsite/in-facility maintenance services for all field technical staff remains necessary and fully available to customers, the methods of travel and remote accommodations have been modified to protect our field staff;

• Physical/medical condition updates for each and every employee are provided to Oxidizers, Inc. ownership on a daily basis. This includes reporting to ownership illnesses of any immediate family member.


These additional measures are intended to protect the well-being of both our employees and our customers. We want to encourage all of our customers by promising these additional measures to remain in place indefinitely.

We are confident in our ability to continue serving our customers during this time without any increase to safety or public health risk as it relates to our provided services.

The Oxidizers, Inc Team.